B22 blue and white porcelain moves power
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Address: Zhejiang Xiaoshan, city of Hangzhou, economic development zone coherent to favour North Road 28 No. start an undertaking centre 516 room
Telephone: 86 0571-22802128


Type: B22 The capacity of the products: 3600mAh Power rating: 13.32W The net weight of the products: About 100g Specification size: 106* 64* 16( mm) Electric core type: Lithium polymer A product battery Charge the mode: CC/CV Input / output voltage: 5.0V 0.5V The charging current of maximum: 500 mA Maximum output current: 850 mA One's own charging duration: 6 hours Battery life-span: Charge and discharge cycle index greater than or equal to for 500 times Color: Blue and white porcelain Material: The baking lacquer of piano, ABS material Standard fittings: Multi-functional to unify the multi-functional charging wire four times Pack: Packaging of up-market gift box Characteristic: The appearance adopts and learns the principle to design manually, it is comfortable to hold the sense, Chinese culture wind


  • DC base / DC head / mini USB plug / spike plug / PSP plug / PCB plug

  • Intellectual temperature detect switch / temperature controller / intellectual temperature switch of technical grade of Model TP-158/WK-36

  • Japan OMRON Omron PLCCJ2M-CPU12

  • Original packaging normal product OMRON lithium cell CJ1W-BAT01

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