Black desk-top socket of wire drawing of aluminium
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The name of product: Push type desk-top socket Item Model: G008-A Products material: Aluminum alloy wire drawing faceplate Faceplate color: The black and wire drawing of wire drawing are silvery Detailed parameter: Faceplate size: Long width mm * 130 175 The size of container body: 165 is long and * 123 * 155 high mm wide Trepan the size: 167 is long and * 122 * 155 high mm wide The module is disposed: Multi-functional to insert the dual net mouth audio frequency video VGA earphone of the power to insert three times, USB inserts Advantage: 1.Desk-top body right angle inclined plane, can be worthy of supplying power interface and light current are integrated; 2.The power electric interface is the interface of octopus sharing, safe and convenient, guarantee the reliable normal operation of the meeting, communication, video device; 3.The desk-top socket of the angry getting up type of moving, adopt the whole boxlike to start with the structural design concept of the mechanical lock, it is steady not to start the noise, security; 4.The faceplate is advanced, elegant in appearance for the wire drawing of aluminum alloy, craft, the fuselage gushes out and moulds dealing with, high strength, antisepticizing wear-resisting; 5.The whole appearance is novel and unique, economy is applicable, apply the tabletop to the top-grade meeting place and work extensively. The description of products: 1,After this product is light to press the button to open, namely connective electric wire and various data links. 2,Soft to open, safe helping, plugging the interface, turning on easy, squelch muting, can be here - normal operation of over 10 . 3,It is convenient and flexible to install, can choose a plurality of to be installed side by side, it is that the like product is more top-grade at present, the most esthetic one is multi-functional to make the device of the socket up. 4,Mainly used in meeting, hotel office furniture desk.


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