Wear-resisting covered electrode of Hengfeng
Aug 03, 2017   Tag: The wear-resisting covered electrode of Hengfeng, the sanitary ware uses the hardware,

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Contacts: Wang YaoHui
Address: Shandong, Jinan of Shandong Jinan Green for a long time district
Telephone: 86 0531-88079816


Description of products Comments: It is a sodium type cover tungsten carbide surfacing welding electrode of medicine of low hydrogen of the core wire to adopt the carbon steel, rely on the medicine cover to hit the tungsten alloy transition of carbonization, build-up welding metal tungsten content 40~50%. Because the medicine cover is relatively thick, the clutch is longer, the medicine cover is apt to have knobs to peel off after the covered electrode is ruddy, so should use the direct-flow opposing connection, relatively use the trickle. Edit this section of uses Use: Applicable build-up welding is able to bear the strong attrited machine component of rock, stir the blade, bulldoze entering and the blade of the pumping, bagger blade such as mixing and doubting the soil, mix flask,etc. at a high speed. The graphite type leather surfacing welding electrode of medicine, all-mains. Used in the brick yard ' Stir one hundred sheets, stir the cage, to rolling, disintegratoor hammer head) , cement plant ( Tower record, pinnacle of a pagoda, lasting rollering, rub rolling, stones, Hubei Province board broken) , mining ( Colliery, gold mine, slip away trough, electric the intersection of scraper pan and tooth, bit, hammer head) , steel factory ( Great bell, Xiao Zhong, hopper) , agricultural ' Xuan is ploughed colter, corn pole disintegratoor, press) , the exchanging the abrasion one of wooden carbon machine mover, sugar refinery, paper mill, refractory material factory,etc. enterprise.


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