NORD electrical machinery SK180LX/4
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Contact Information
Contacts: Wang Lin
Mobile Phone: 86 13637087295
Address: The 21st floor of Shatian Building No. 587 of Changshou Road of Shanghai Shanghai Putuo district
Telephone: 86 --
Fax: 86-021-62323893


Auspicious tree industry Development Co., Ltd of Shanghai

Person in charge of brand: Wang Lin

Tel.: 021-51082698-8226 faxes: 021-62323893

Mobile: 13637087295 jobs QQ: 2019731420

E-mail: Postcode: 200060

Auspicious in Shanghai to set up the advantage to supply NORD electrical machinery complete series of products

NORD-0032 SK9024.1-160L/4F IC2048
NORD-0039 SK132M/4 TF1 118P-002M01 380V
NORD-0237 SK80 s/4 BRE/0, NC 33211137
NORD-0105 SK 52N280TC
NORD-0227 SK772.1-132S/4 GAN2 IGK
NORD-0095 SK 472F-100 L/4
NORD-0278 SK12080AZ B-71L/4
NORD-0047 SK 200L/4 IF RDD KB30KW deceleration
NORD-0065 SK672.1-132S/4-FAN 5.5KW
NORD-0135 Nc: 33010020 07/35
Production code number Name of product 1
NORD-0071 SK10F-71L/4
NORD-0226 SK 572.1-100LA/4 BRE40

NORD-0005 " Electrical machine SK71L/4 0.37KW "
NORD-0188 bearing used in the electrical machinery See the picture
NORD-0234 SK100L/4 NO: 35212700; 12837313
NORD-0172 SK160L/4
NORD-0279 SK1SI63-IEC63-63L4
NORD-0118 SK71S/6-B5 PH3 1/3HP
NORD-0106 SK9032A2D-132 S/4TF
NORD-0169 80L/4BRE10TF
NORD-0219 IEC-B3-SK100L/6,3.2KW,380V
NORD-0081 SK80S/4 NR: 1006486146.00
NORD-0030 SK33FAL-132S/4

NORD-0217 LR 76927
NORD-0125 SK7282AFBH66-225 M/4
NORD-0187 bearing used in the reducer type
NORD-0021 K9032.1 AF -100L-40BRE-40
NORD-0072 SK12080-80S/4 BRE5
NORD-0266 320-90LH/4

NORD-0012 BRE40HL-1G-H5 3KW 400VAC F N2 =
NORD-0101 SK90L/4 1.5KW 34712200/0234
NORD-0247 SK 9012.1AZ-90L/4
NORD-0099 SK 80L4 KB 1375 rpm

NORD-0206 SKB2M/4 BRE100 HL 400V,10HP

NORD-0222 SLEEVE 50883300
NORD-0038 EQN400
NORD-0263 TYPE: SK42F IEC160 i =12.28
It is described that NORD-0083 TYPE SK 71 S/6 BRE5 SR sees
NORD-0173 SK 63L4 EN 60034

NORD-0141 19141010
NORD-0271 SK 100L/4F; 200684029-200 2.2KW
NORD-0205 SK9016.1AF-100L BRE40RG SR
NORD-0185 SK112M/4 TW 4KW/8,6A
NORD-0160 92372AZB90S/4
NORD-0231 TypeSK100L/4 3-Mot. Th.Cl.155
NORD-0027 112M/4 TF Nr. P46012071/0625
NORD-0061 SK80S/4TF F grade IP55 EN: 60034
NORD-0153 90S/4 1.1kW 220/380V electric motor
NORD-0233 SK 6382/22AF-100L/4
NORD-0158 12063AZB90S/4
NORD-0018 SK80 S/4 BRE10 RGHL, sequence number:
NORD-0079 GHE40L PN: 1914010
NORD-0014 electrical machinery SK90S/4 BRE20SRTWRD,
NORD-0264 I =86.3 SK22-71 L/4
NORD-0075 deceleration machine SK9043.1-80S/4
NORD-0168 12063AZB90S/4
NORD-0268 SK 12063AZ-71L/4 TW
Production code number Name of product 1
NORD-0008 100L4 B14 electrical machinery
NORD- 0074 8 5820 0H 30 0100 5093 0015

NORD-0020 SK9032.1 AF
NORD-0097 SK 12 IEC100 1007361839.00-3
NORD-0253 SK132MA/4 BRE60 FHL
NORD-0084 132M/4 TF OL/H 5.5KW
NORD-0189 bearing used in the electrical machinery
NORD-0167 12063AZB90S/4 BRE20
NORD-0041 SK 80L/4 BRE10TF
NORD-0029 SK33FAL-132M/4 TF

NORD-0164 32100AZB90S/4
NORD-0261 Typ SK 801/4 43719400
NORD-0165 12063AZB90L/4
NORD-0124 SK90L/4 34712600 0.15kw
NORD-0015 SK1100/1FCT frequency converter
NORD-0192 SK63S/4MS; 41010094; 0.12kw
NORD-0225 SK160L/4BRE250TFIG42/15KW/AC38
NORD-0088 SK872.1-112M/4 BRE60 FHL F
NORD-0002 85820 OH 40 1024 5093 0015
NORD-0183 ZR47KC-TFD-522 380V 50HZ 8A
NORD-0171 SK80L/4TF
NORD-0087 SK73F-132M/4 BRE100 FHL F
NORD-0272 SK 112M/4 VIK TF;
NORD-0121 USB/5V P.No. 078910220

NORD-0246 SK372.1-71L/4 BRE5 FHL TF MS

NORD-0100 1SM50AFB N56C

NORD-0186 SK8382AFSHVL - 160M/4 TF RDD
NORD-0276 SK1SI75F-IEC80-80L/4

NORD-0068 SK12080-90S/4 BRE10
NORD-0035 SK80L/2
NORD-0137 TYP: SK 80 L/6 BRE10 TF
NORD-0156 D-22941 SK550/1 FCT 27800

NORD-0028 SK25FAL-112M/4 TF
NORD-0037 200L4 TF 400V/690V, 54.0/A,
NORD-0204 SK52W RATIO: 1:4.08
NORD-0013 Coder ERN460102401-03, 10V ...30
NORD-0055 02050AZ-80 L/4
NORD-0151 SK80L/4TF 0.75KW
NORD-0243 SK 80L/4TF

NORD-0063 SK3282VF IEC80
NORD-0051 SK63S/4 NR.NM 1005444084.00
NORD-0162 0205AZB90S/4
NORD-0073 SK12063VF-71S/4 BRE5 F
NORD-0054 SK 80 L/4
NORD-0170 SK80L/4TF
NORD-0026 132M/4 TF Nr. P46613071/0625

NORD-0046 SK 160M/4
NORD-0212 SK 973.1-132S/4/BRE60/FHL/M1/1
NORD-0043 SK71L/4

NORD-0218 SK180LX/4
NORD-0259 SK33F-AL-132M/4
NORD-0045 SK 160L/4

NORD-0248 SK 20F-90L/4
NORD-0197 NO.200843224-100
NORD-0230 SK9072.1LX-112M/BRE60HL,
NORD-0159 92372AZB90L/4
NORD-0070 SK010-63S/4 BRE5

NORD-0239 type: SK 20F-71L/4
NORD-0036 SK225 S/4 TF Nr.100733508800
NORD-0115 SK71L/4
NORD-0110 SK 160L/4 TF RDD 50HZ 400V 28.
NORD-0146 SK9043.1AX-80L/4 BRE20 TF
NORD-0103 SK-71S-6 BRE 5SR 0.18kw B5
NORD-0092 SK872.1-112M/4 BRE60 FHL F
NORD-0200 1SL63F-IEC80-80L/4
NORD-0201 SK 80L/4 33510020 has data plates
NORD-0273 SK12080AD-90/56 BRE16RG HL
NORD-0042 SK 63L/4BRE5HL
NORD-0224 electrical machinery type SK100LA/4KTYFIG22K,
NORD-0179 Type: SK9042 1AZDSH-90L/4TFTIO/
NORD-0223 reducer type SK52VL_132/4KTY84
NORD-0228 SK 572.1-100LH/4 BRE20
NORD-0017 SK9032-132S/M
NORD-0080 SK 4382 reduction ratio 191.57
NORD-0252 SK132MA/4BRE60 FHL
NORD-0134 SK-80-S/4-0.55KW
NORD-0244 SK8382/33AG-63S/4RD I =30824.3
NORD-0011 SK100L/4 2.2KW B5
NORD-0049 BG-100L/4 BRE20HL 2.2KW
Production code number Name of product 1
NORD-0208 SK 172.1-80S/4/BRE5/FHL/M1/1

NORD-0194 SK01F AL-90LH/4 TF 51258687
NORD-0274 SK700E-152-340-A

NORD-0147 SK52VL_132/4KTY84_130FIG22K
NORD-0129 3032 24V 2.7W
NORD-0067 SK01-71S/4 BRE5

NORD-0114 SK80L/4,BRE10,SR,TW,RD
NORD-0004 SK42-160L/4 TF15KW N2 =201RPM
NORD-0019 EPN- 430 1024 01-03 NR: 19553001
NORD-0034 SK80L/4TF0.75KW1400r/min
NORD-0280 SK1SI 63/31-IEC71-71S/4
NORD-0195 SK33F AL-132MH/4 TF 5125864

NORD-0112 SK-132M/4 BRE60HL7.5KW
NORD-0190 8.5820.0H30.1024.5093.0050
NORD-0241 SK80 S/4 BRE10HL NM20027339710

NORD-0267 SK 12063AZ 90L/4 TW
NORD-0033 SK90S/41.1KW1395r/min

NORD-0260 SK 9012.1AZ-90L/4 NO: 201039544

NORD-0215 SK80S/4 0.55kw 230/400 /Y
NORD-0277 SK43125 AZB-80S/4
NORD-0281 SK-100LA/4-BRE403KWB5
NORD-0214 SK-160L/4 TF 47413871
NORD-0270 SK 100L/4F; 200684029-200 3KW
NORD-0238 type: SK2282ABGH-90S/4
NORD-0283 SK80L/4TF

NORD-0216 A2E170-AF25-12
NORD-0177 SK 90 S/6 BRE20 SR TW HLRD
NORD-0161 172.1-71S/4

NORD-0082 SK112M/4 BRE60HL SR TF1G1
NORD-0176 SK015F-71S/4 TF
NORD-0235 SK132MH/4 TF
NORD-0144 SK100LA/4TF 3KW 400V 6.54A
NORD-0198 SK 9382/42AS-100LA/4

NORD-0269 LR76927 sequence number 19021902
NORD- 0131 18550906 15M cable joint
NORD-0182 SK100L/4BRE20HL380VY2.2KW5.49A
NORD-0240 SK132M/4 TF7.5KW B5
NORD-0133 SK-80-S/4-0.55KW

NORD-0031 SK22F-100L/40F
NORD-0128 SK 52/12 VL N140TC
NORD-0093 SK73F-132S/4 BRE60 FHL F
NORD-0007 71 L14 BRE5 electrical machinery
NORD-0116 SK52/160M/4 11KW brought the pinion gear
NORD-0130 TYPE/SK9382/42/AS/100L/40-TF/B
NORD-0254 SK9042.1AFBH-160L/4F
NORD-0069 SK01F-63L/4

NORD-0193 SK01F AL-90LH/4 TF 5125868
NORD-0052 SK132M/4 NM: 20026696910 7.5KW
NORD-0154 SK 200F-63 S/4 CUS WE

NORD-0120 M12 socket /SUB-D P.No.078910210
NORD-0221 GEAR 5143050
NORD-0232 SK100LA/4BRE40HL
NORD-0076 SK132S/4 IF 5.5KW B5 IP55

NORD-0127 SK 73/22 VL N188TC
NORD-0053 SK160L/4BRE150HL 30A MB: 150NM
NORD-0275 SK90S/4/BRE20TF/1.1KWB5 brings electromagnetically

NORD-0078 SK160M/4 TF BRE150 TF 11KW B5
NORD-0006 electrical machine SK80L/4 0.75KW
NORD-0109 220-11100 2-380V/AC 50HZ
NORD-0062 1MA7060-4BB19-ZR93 0.12KW
NORD-0155 Part No. 278910060
NORD-0009 80S/4 BRE 10RL(B5) P =0.55KW
NORD-0163 32100AZB100L/4
NORD-0113 TYPE: 200l/2F

NORD-0096 SK N2F-71 L/4 BRE5 KTY I G4 B5
NORD-0050 SK132S/4 TF 5.5KW IP55 50HZ
NORD-0210 SK 373.1-71L/4/BRE5/FHL/M1/1
NORD-0262 100L/4 TF
NORD-0175 SK83F-90L/12-2 F3.1 IP66 NO.
NORD-0251 SK225S/4 BRE400 HLMIK2TF0L
NORD-0191 SK90S4 230D400Y 1.1kW

NORD-0022 ERN430102401-03
NORD-0166 02050AZB90S/4
NORD-0207 SK 172.1-71L/4/BRE5/FHL/M1/1
NORD-0209 SK 573.1-71L/4/BRE5/FHL/M1/1
NORD-0180 Type: SK9016.1A ZSH.D80S/4TFTIO
NORD-0220 IEC-B34-SK160L/6, 8KW, biaxial, 380
NORD-0184 200522452-100 12373843
NORD-0044 SK 100L/4

NORD-0126 SK0282NBAFH-71L/4
NORD-0211 SK 873.1-100L/4/M1/1/I
NORD-0242 SK473 IEC80 80S/4 BRE10HL
NORD-0117 SK42-160 M/4F
NORD-0085 SK132M-4-B5 36813701
NORD-0249 SK9042.1-W reducer
NORD-0196 SK01F AL-80LH/4 TF 51258686
NORD-0265 SK90LH/4
NORD-0140 SK535E-112-340-A
NORD-0108 TT201 LN: 07-43

NORD-0102 SK6282AGSH-180M4 TF OL/H
NORD-0003 SK321000AZ-80S/4 0.5KW

NORD-0094 SK71L4TFNC32510370 07/02
NORD-0064 SK2282VF IEC80
NORD-0111 SK1S40F-80S/4
NORD-0098 SK 22 IEC100 1005426849.00-10
NORD-0152 SK80L/4TF 0.86KW

NORD-0066 SK1S163-IEC80-80S/4BRE20
NORD-0157 E233141 A0M SEPARATE FAN 160
NORD-0091 SK873.1-100LA/4 BRE40 FHL F

NORD-0132 SK 80 L/6 BRE10 TF
NORD-0139 SK700E-752-340-O
Production code number Name of product 1

NORD-0048 GHE40L input: 200-10%- 480+10%V
NORD-0104 SK 52N250TC
NORD-0086 SK672.1-90S/4 BRE20 FHL F
NORD-0025 SK 90L/4 Nr.NM 34711600/0549
NORD-0199 SK OXZ-80S/4
NORD-0213 SK972.1-132S/4/BRE100/FHL/M1/1
NORD-0138 SK71S/8 IP55 S1

NORD-0123 K90L/4 34712600,NrNM2407353254
NORD-0202 SK132M/4TF 7.5KW
NORD-0016 SK9032L-132M/4
Production code number Name of product 1

NORD-0145 SK 80L/4 BRE20 TF
NORD-0024 SK63L16 IP55 60HZ 0.12KW
NORD-0089 SK873.1-100LA/4 BRE40 FHL F
NORD-0181 Motor reducer SK972F
NORD-0203 SK42W RATIO: 1:8.5
NORD-0149 SK53VL_100LA/4KTY84_130FIG22K
NORD-0122 SK IC1-232/485 P.No.276970020
NORD-0229 SK160L/4BRE250TF IG42/15KW/AC3

NORD-0077 SK160M/4 11KW B5 IP55

NORD-0245 32-90L/4(1.5KW)
NORD-0001 SK1SI75S1/I-IEC80L/4 GAN1 BRE1

NORD-0136 SK01-90S/4 BRE10 WE
NORD-0107 05820 0H40 1024 5093 001S

NORD-0058 SK9072.1AZD-180LX/4F
Production code number Name of product 1
NORD-0057 42125VF-160M/4 WE
NORD-0060 42125VF-160L/4 WE
NORD-0056 42125VF-160 L/4 WE
NORD-0236 SK132S/4 9416947
NORD-0119 6NORD Part No. 278910240
NORD-0040 SK132S/4TF1 141P-007M01 380V
NORD-0090 SK973.1-100L/4 BRE 20 FHL
NORD-0023 SK 100L/40 BRE40HL

NORD-0174 SK 73/22 VL N180TC


  • Specially online framework type 1KVA 6KVA of mountain

  • ELM automatic adhesive tape machine of M1000 automatic adhesive tape machine

  • OCS-D8B electronic hoist OCS-XS 3 times is hung pound

  • Loudspeaker 15MM of HY Newman's earphone

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