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Heavy strong agent Heavy strong aviation plug

The compatible foreign brand of the heavy strong maojwei products is as follows, fit the promise AMPHENOL of the fee, extremely east KUKDONG, the intersection of Chinese and YEONHAB forever, DDK, the intersection of aviation and electronic JAE, seven the intersection of star and scientific NANABOSHI, SOURIAU under Su, the guest has Binder, Europe degree odu, plt_ steel, Great Britain's special health, seven star science, CONXALL, lumberg, lTW is on and safe, cable general EPIC, Hu Mo

The aviation electric connector has already been authorized through CE.UL and IP65/67/68 grade is authorized, the core one adopts insulating and reliable, high temperature resistant PPS project composite material within this product, pin, plug case adopt high-quality copper product and all gold plating to deal with, the outer cover adopts alloy plating to deal with, it is good to antisepticize the characteristic. The specification is various, the variety is complete, adopt the international, domestic standard to produce, can implement interconversion with famous-brand interface units such as America and Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan,etc., quality totally reaches requiring on an equal basis, very rich all chiefs of institute, fetch its advantage, innovate and design the round electric connector of new generation developed, connect more reliably, practically, esthetically. The products are used in trades such as the electric apparatus of the lathe, numerical control equipment, medical equipment, servomotor, vessel, aviation,etc. extensively.

Maojwei interface unit, the interface unit of Model M: Heavy strong agent 12M, heavy strong agent 16M heavy strong agent, heavy strong agent 18M, heavy strong agent 19M, heavy strong agent 25M, heavy strong agent 30M, heavy strong agent 35M, Heavy strong agent 40M, heavy strong agent 48M technical grade aviation plug

Heavy strong agent P12, heavy strong agent P16, heavy strong agent P20, heavy strong agent P24, heavy strong agent P28, heavy strong agent P32, heavy strong agent P46, heavy strong agent P48, Heavy strong agent 12G, heavy strong agent 16G technical grade aviation plug

The series of Model M: This serial electric connector shell numbers are from 12 to 48, there are three kinds straights, angle, octopus sharing, the contactor aperture is 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm. The electric current is from 1A to 40A. The series of P type: This serial electric connectors are new monobasic straight interface units, shell number is from 12 to 40, have straight, angle, and the intersection of metal and soft tube three, contactor aperture is 0.9mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 2.8mm, 3.5mm. There is the electric current.

Waterproof series: This serial electric connectors are electric connectors of water-proof type, the water-proof performance reach IP67, there are fastener type, whorl type two kinds of connection modes. Easy to operate, the volume is small, light, complete in specifications, very blind plug-connection. The contactor adopts high-quality copper to make contact performance better, can also increase other core numbers according to customer's demand.

Series 5015: This serial electric connectors are new electric connectors that our companies imitate U.S.A. MSC-5015 standard development and production, shell number is from 10 to 32.

STAR thinks and offers the intact interface unit solution to you big, inquires the price Negociation price Products picture Book parameter of the specification Please consult

Engineer Lin's mobile phone: 13528740707QQ: 13528740707

All act for serial interface units at the same time: Model M series, P type series, waterproof series, series 5050, straight are inserted, angle and inserted,etc. the products.


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