Does quality determine your choice of the tag inductance of the power of superior product of the success or failure?
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Auspicious grand Thai Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen is the power inductance, shields inductance, plastic sealing inductance, closes products such as magnetic inductance, inductance coil,etc. to specialize in the company processed, the company was established in 2011, it is one that specializes in, sells, researches and develops the various types of inductance, manufacturer of the inductor coil independently, the staples has tag inductance, power inductance of the tag, magnetic glue that shield the inductance, turn inductance, coil inductance, SMD inductance, the inductance of plastic sealing, fixed inductance, the inductance is inserted directly, the inductance of the magnetic ring, bar magnet inductance, magnetism irritate the inductance, adjustable inductance, voltage transformer,etc. is all scientific and technological enterprise of serial inductors in week in China, and have qualification of generally paying taxes, can make 3%-17% of the value-added tax invoices and transfer to the factory and terms delivered outside the border.

Suitable for SMT automatic and affixed environment to require for the products, guarantee the products do not have bad phenomena such as opening a way, shorting out, cold joint, Dry Joint and bursting,etc. in solder-reflow, wave soldering, the enamelling copper wire that we used adopts the high-temperature wire rod of Japan and Germany. All raw materials and end make prevent oxidation treatment from by antiknock, experiment of able to bear brokenning, so our life time of products is longer, the energy-conservation, characteristic are more steady even more.
The auspicious grand safe electron is that one abides by the contract, the enterprises keeping promise. We are grasping " human-oriented, the lead in the development of science and technology, the customer is satisfied " Idea,depending on whether there are with credit on sincerity, at reasonable price, really up to the mark production technology, advanced fabrication facilities, high-quality product quality, before complete selling, sell, after service, win commendation of the local government and gain pearl trigonometry and Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces area customer's trusting unanimously and favorable comment many times.

Your company of fruit is developing the new product, new aircraft type, needing electronic devices and components sample; Or you want, choose one appropriate supplier, please put through telephone, fax, or QQ of us, pass E-MAIL, you will receive the attitude like the heaven and earth here. Thank you for your kind consideration, wish to create excellent future with you hand in hand! Mobile: 13266634608QQ:984510282


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