Yangquan electronic lifting hook calls the operation instruction
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Quality is the lives of enterprises, it is the worker's life to be safe!

You have invested energies, sweat, intelligence, the products reciprocate your high quality, high-efficient, high repayment! ‍ ‍ ‍

Work and create the wealth, bring the happiness safely!

Yangquan electronic lifting hook is called ‍ ‍ Operation instruction

Characteristic Durable in use

‍ Characteristic Weighting platform of the high strength ‍

Characteristic Flexible and common

Characteristic Safe environmental protection

Characteristic Different application demands that various capacity and specification are satisfiable in size.

Characteristic Can dispose many kinds of unexplosive instruments that do solid work, make up the whole balance.

Characteristic The systematic unexplosive grade of the whole balance is determined by the lowest one of unexplosive grade in the system.

Characteristic The electronic weigher of EX explosion proof type is one of the technological content in the products of our company more high products.

The electron is hung pound

The advantage explains It is it handheld to dispose infrared for report controller,it realize by peeling, zero settings remote, totally, remove, number value keeping, shut down function.

The advantage explains Finish lifting, weighing once, it is easy to use that have, the precision is high, measure the fast, characteristic of working stably and reliably etc. of good performance dynamically

The advantage explains According to different users' demand, the company produces 0.5 tons - direct-view type electron of 30 tons to hang pound; 1 ton - 50 tons do not have line type electron that is hung pound, use in places such as the workshop, goods yard, warehouse of every profession and trade,etc. extensively.

The users looking over this electron hung one pound of product informations have bought finally: Look the electron straight to hang pound, the wireless electron is hung pound, the high temperature resistant electron is hung pound

Industrial Co., Ltd's friendship of doing solid work of the above-mentioned materials by Shanghai is offered, please mark out the source to reprint! ! ! Thanks and cooperate! ! ! Original text address: http://www.qichedibang.com/

The electron is hung pound

LED red nixie tube reveals, the transmission distance is far; Peel, a function since;

The weight keeps the function, after line of sight that articles block the operator

Can launch the hold key, let at present the weight keep being unloaded and claimed the heavy object is reading the weight on the display screen;

Take the report controller, can operate in the distance between range of 10 meters;

Quantum: 0.5T, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 7.5T, 10T, 20T, 30T, 50T

Error discrimination: 1kg, 0.2kg, 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg;

Material: The outer cover of aluminum alloy, weight are light, the appearance is in good taste

Want to know ‍ More weight details please click - -http://www.sh-fama.com/

Send a telegram to the just permanent weight (mobile phone now: 13817391580,Tel.: 021-60512838,QQ: 1870190676)

We are worth your trusting, sincerity can don't be with fighting for all over the world!

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Yangquan electronic lifting hook calls the operation instruction

First, ‍ ‍ ‍ Bao Xiu, guarantees replacement, caveat vendor
Sold and chosen repairing, change, goods rejected way by consumers the products quality problem in three months. ,
Second, caveat vendor, guaranteeing replacement
The customer presents the great quality problem inside 3 months after buying, after confirming in the company, replace. The great quality problem is referred to: It is not the function that the human factor appears that fails, great defective workman-ship, the serious damage,etc.. ,
Third, guarantee the repair free of charge
Customer appear tiny quality problem in the one year buy, company pay maintenance-free, the above-mentioned problem will appear one year later, the company maintains, the customer bears costs

The high quality services is that the customer is chosen & quot; Do solid work & quot; Reason. The advanced products are chosen & quot by customers; Do solid work & quot; Foundation.
The products which we sold, protect the quality according to producer's regulation. Consumptive material products, do not offer service of guaranteeing.
Products receive in the 7 day, defective in quality to need, guarantee, freight charges we bear back and forth. It is guaranteed that completely free.
The products are received in one year, defective in quality, need guaranteeing, we bear the freight charges.
Products receive after the one year - guarantee expiry is defective in quality to need, guarantee, the customer bears the freight charges back and forth by oneself.
Because the market competition is fierce now, a lot of customers only care about the price, and does not close

Yangquan electronic lifting hook calls the operation instruction


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