Appearance ALOKA AOS100NW of the bone density of Lip river card of A of Japanese (Europe opens the electron)
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Contact Information

Contacts: Mr. Xu
Telephone: 86-182-21705541
Mobile Phone: 86 18221705541
Fax: 86
Address: Shanghai Pudong New Area Shanghai Pudong New Area week Pu town health road size 26 Block E room 1910 week ( Wan reaches sea on the square and circles in the air in the mansion)


Software characteristic

Can use AOS-100NW survey meter while installing Microsoft Windows system. Built-in databases of Chinese. Operate interface and Chinese and print the report, many kinds of data processing functions in Chinese, leave DICOM standard interface.

Technical parameter:



Measure the placement


Measuring way

Supersonic wave is penetrated, the dry ultrasonic system (not need water using)

Calcaneum laser navigation system

Laser ranging can get the calcaneum width data of each of persons who measure accurately, but the variation tendency of patient's bone density of long-term tracing; Enable the reliability of determination

Improve and have optimum repeatability

Ultrasonic transducer

Non-abrasion soft permanent ultrasonic transducer

Center frequency


Measurement limit

Children, adult

*Measure the project

T value, z value, SOS ( Velocity of sound) , TI (the risk factor of fracture) , OSI (bone intensity) SUBA (supersonic wave decays) Heel Width (foot is wide)

*Measurement time

Less than or equal to 5 second, prepare before the measurement, measure, data transmission and print, exceed 1

Survey accuracy

Error 1%

Measure accuracy

Error 1%

*Sensor temperature

Reveal the temperature combines autocompensation

Ambient temperature

From 10 to 40

Correct the module

Built-in to correct the module, correct once a month

Measure the software

Databases of Chinese

Function software

WINDOWS Chinese interface, leaving DICOM standard interface

Operation humidity



115-230V.AC 10%

Size (W * H * L)

36* 28* 37CM



Operation time

The continuous work is more than 12 hours


  • Shenzhen 9V and set-box power adapter 5V

  • The high-power LED projector lamp / LED washes the wall lamp / LED underwater lamp / LED shot-light / LED buried light

  • Air gun of the price of the air gun ion of ion air gun ion

  • The sun glasses EN1836 measures the laboratory

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