Electric apparatus CH-GC410B straw hat of prosperous brightness) High-frequency electrodeless lamp of the factory
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Electric apparatus CH-GC410B of prosperous brightness (straw hat) High-frequency electrodeless lamp of the factory

Which products of the electrodeless lamp of Shijiazhuang of Hebei are high quality? The electric apparatus of prosperous brightness is domestic to research and develop one of the enterprises which develops the high-frequency electrodeless lamp earlier, offer various high-quality factory light, three-protection light, projector lamp, explosion-proof lamp, light of the tunnel, floodlight,etc. to mere VIP customer, it researches and develops specialized coupler of electrodeless lamp produced, form a complete set for the professional manufacturing enterprise of much famous high-frequency electrodeless lamps of our country. The high-frequency electrodeless lamp produced is with fine quality, reliable quality, reasonable price, sincere service, is gaining users' praise and trust constantly.

1.Energy-efficient (power factor is more than 0.98, than above incandescent lamp energy-conservation 90%, than above the high pressure sodium lamp, mercury lamp energy-conservation 50%) ;

2,Exceed long life (non-filament, electrode, reachable 60000 hours such as life-span) ;

3,Green environment protective (adopt the amalgam of solid condition and not have lead glass, more than 9% of the materials are recoverable) ;

4,High colour rendering (colour rendering index is greater than 80, the true color of object appears) ;

5,The colour temperature is available (from 2700K-6500K, and there are red, green, blue colored electric lamp bulbs) ;

6,Non-stroboscopic (the intersection of 2.65MHz and high frequency work, have stroboscopic effect, protect eyesight, improve safety coefficient) ;

7,Quick starting function ( Namely it is immediate to open) ;

8,Decline light only (2000 light the intersection of time and coherent 95% of keeping etc., 20000 small the intersection of time and coherent 80% of keeping etc., 60000 small the intersection of time and coherent 75% of keeping etc.) ;

9,Resist shock, the unexplosive characteristic is good (non-filament is shock-proof, foam surface temperature is low, are suitable for the unexplosive place) .


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