Produce the integrated ultrathin LED flush light Ultrathin LED festive lantern LED bank light 4 inches of 7W on day
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Supply with the manufacturer to sell directly to households and sell the integrated ultrathin LED flush light in batches Ultrathin LED festive lantern LED bank light 4 inches of 7W on day

The integrated ultrathin LED flush light employs the new LED lighting source to improve the products developed on the basis of traditional flush light, have the following advantages in contrast to traditional flush light: Energy-conservation, low carbon, macrobiotic, the colour rendering is good, the speed of response is fast. It is esthetic and light and handy to be integrated ultrathin the intersection of LED and design of flush light, can reach, keep to unify and perfect while being global building decoration when the installation, not destroying the arrangement of the lamps and lanterns, the light source hides the building decoration inside, the light source is not exposed, without glare, people's visual effect is soft, even

[Brand ]: So beautiful [Item Model ]: AM-4Y02C [working voltage ]: 185~265V [light source color ]: Exactly white, warm and white [light source is introduced ]: Strange strength chip [the luminance of light source ]: 600-660LM [colour rendering index ]: 75+ [the lamp color ]: Milky white [work Rate ]: 7W [the size of the products ]: 152*33 [install the way ]: Embedded installation [suitable for the place ]: School | Office | Home furnishing | Supermarket | Hospital | [The quality is protected ]: 2 years [other ]: Can order according to the request of customer

1. [It is ultrathin and exactly shiny that the trade initiates ], lamplight effects are 80% more high than the shiny lamplight effect of side, the energy-conserving result is more obvious;
2.Traditional high lumen wafer chip, quality is more steady, the tone is more pure;
3.So the beautiful [the high power factor of high-quality long life ] drives the power, PFC> specializedly; 0.97;
4.The operating range of wide-voltage, are suitable for the whole world to use.
5.Shiny LED with high capacity and efficiency;
6.High-quality long-lasting constant current power supply;
7.Possessing the card holds and hoists two ways;
8.The power possesses and shorts out, open a way, struck by lightning, surging, over load, overvoltage, cross a series of protective circuit such as being warm


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