The deep convinced IPSEC VPN P5100 series picture is convinced about the agent deeply
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Our company manages and supplies and is convinced about IPSEC VPN, quality assurance deeply, welcome to consult and negotiate.

Use simultaneously, non-maintaining
The desk disc-shape is designed, Web Chinese interface, it is simple to dispose, it is flexible to dispose;
Integrated embedded hardware platform, low power consumption;
Low cost
Integrated IPSec VPN, function of the fire wall;
Low cost, suitable for the end tip node numerous in quantity;
Support centralized management and safeguarding, intellectual staging, real-time monitoring;

SINFOR P5100 VPN gateway is the small-scale VPN gateway convinced about the IPSec VPN series products of science and technology and face SOHO deeply, small-scale branch network introduces, arrangement of end VPN networks such as the affiliate suitable to be small-scale, chain store,etc.. This product integrated IPSec VPN and state measure the function of fire wall, the built-in high-performance RISC NP processor, the relative elevation of the sexual valence, it is flexible and convenient to dispose.

SINFOR P5100 VPN gateway adopts the desk disc-shape integrated design, built-in PPPOE Dialup Program, supports many kinds of access ways such as xDSL, broadband of the Residential Area. There is network interface of 3 10/100 Base-Ts (2*LAN, 1*WAN) . VPN encryption speed ( AES 128bit) Reachable 2.5M, the throughput of fire wall (two-way 256 bits) Reach 40M, support dynamic IP, NAT penetrating, such functions as the access permission is divided in QOS, VPN.

Product introduction:

Sell and technical support heat ray:

010-83670248 (Beijing)

400-6767640 (avoid the long-distance telephone rate)


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