Safe and comfortable optical fiber terminal transceiver of Shangluo Hanzhong of Xianyang of Wei south Baoji of Tongchuan of Yanan of forest of the elm
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Contacts: Wang Jun
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Address: The weather of the telegraphic channel in Feitian district Shang in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province is strong in 9 the north of 5 storeys in the municipal industrial area
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The name of product: GVT FC dual-fiber transceiver Item Model: FV-6100 introduces in detail:

Light characteristic:

Type / parameter Only connect the interface Type Launch the wavelength ( nm) Transmitted power (dbm) Receiving sensitivity (dbm) Mere degree of saturation (db) Transmission distance (km) Only loss (dbm/km) Multimode ST 1300 -18.5~-14 -31~-28 -14 0~2 3 SC 850 -18.5~-8 -31~-28 -14 0~2 3 SC 1300 -18.5~-14 -31~-28 -14 0~2 3 Monomode SC 1300/1310 -15~-8 -38~-35 -8 0~25 0.4 SC 1300/1310 -11~-6 -38~-35 -8 0~40 0.4 SC 1300/1310 -5~0 -42~-38 -3 0~60 0.4 SC 1550DFB - 5~0 -35 -3 0~120 0.25 SC 1310/1550 -5~0 -36 -3 60 0.4/0.25

Electric apparatus physical characteristic: Input the power: DC 5V (externally positioned power) AC 100~260V (built-in power) Built-in power: 155mm x 110mm x 28mm The environment is required: Operating temperature: The storage temperature between 0~50 : -40 is 70 humidity: 5%~90% have not been condensed Product performance: Adopt IP113C chip design, have 512KB SSRAM dashpots, 1KMAC address list broadcasts and filters the function, address automatic study and operating mechanism of automatic updating function and store-and-forward support IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3U, IEEE802.3X, IEEE802.1d support the flow control of full duplex or control work of the half duplex back pressure flowrate, and consult (Auto Negotiation) automatically Ability Support 10Mbps and 100 Mbps to adapt to (the time belt of the whole diplex operation range broadly from 200 Mbps) automatically The high-quality integrated module of photoelectricity, can enable between optical port and electric interface the photoelectric cross complaint, offer good light-transfer characteristic and electric property, guarantee data transmission is reliable, the work is longe-lived to offer the long-range link to lose diagnosing, electric interface periodic line and the intersection of optical port and Link connection diagnose, not dynamic data transmission, full duplex / half duplex offering single the intersection of RJ-45 and electric interface NIC/HUB by the intersection of speed and pilot lamp, MDI/MDI-X automatic recognition automatic crossover discern link with computer network card or switchboard, line concentrator, putting the intersection of power and available the intersection of internal electrical power supply and power consumption promptly: 2.5w (built-in power Input: AC100 260V, externally positioned power Input: AC100~260V/output: DC5V) The mean operating time between failures accords with one grade of operation standards of telecommunication and supports externally positioned, built-in, 2U framework, 2.5U framework type in above 50,000 hours, choice of helping users install


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