Solos optic fibre desk surface box FTTH optic fibre desk surface box of desk-top box of optic fibre of surface box of desk
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Use and characteristic:
Suitable for occasions such as FTTH, FTTO, FTTD,etc.; The box cover fastens and designs reducing and installing the difficulty greatly, the slim cartridge, match with other A86 electric apparatus terminal box faceplates, and is suitable for the light and shade wiring of the optical cable; Cooperate with FC strip optic fibre adapter products, make user's available optic fibre interface forms more, SC, LC, SC-FC can all be used; Box inner major diameter to all-round to protect to the intersection of optic fibre and case under box fundamentally around line column.
Product function:
Optical fiber cable termination
Adapter type:
Connection mode:
On-the-spot quick connection
Applicable optical cable type:
8 shape leather cable, indoor optical cable, outdoor ordinary optical cable

1.The multi-functional fiber optic faceplate box can be realized: Outdoor optical cable fixed and rubber-sheathed lamp cord optical cable fixed and adapter fixed cold to answer son to be fixed. Pull-out force is greater than 50N, fixed and reliable and firm
2.The multi-functional fiber optic faceplate can be realized: Last solos, export internal and external walls single core rubber-sheathed lamp cord optical cable, indoor and outdoor optical cable insert double core rubber-sheathed lamp cord dual-ported to export, last solos optical cables outdoor
Export, outdoor optical cable insert many Tail fiber export and outdoor optical cable insert large rubber-sheathed lamp cords to export, application in many demand environments of many occasions.
3.The multi-functional fiber optic faceplate box is easy to operate, the construction intensity is small.
4.The multi-functional fiber optic faceplate box forgives the line column to design to be the large arc, guarantee that putting will not emerge and roll over decreasing when the optic fibre optical cable among them is receiving the external force, influence communication quality.
5.The multi-functional fiber optic faceplate box is a standard 86 box, general, thickness 27mm, the volume is small, easy to lay, especially suitable for constructing at the scene.


Technical parameter

Applicable scope

3.1* 2.0mm rubber-sheathed lamp cord optical cable or indoor optical cable

Fiber diameter

125 m( 652 657)

Tight cladding diameter

250 m 900 m

Applicable mode

Monomode or multimode

Tensile strength


Use the temperature

-40- +75



Insertion loss

Less than or equal to 0.2dB( 1310nm 1550nm)

Delivery port



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