H3C MSR 50 serial routers
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50-06 of H3C MSR the whole giga of router adopts the high-performance processor, CPU primary frequency reaches 800M, integrates interface of the whole giga of Ethernet, support abundant security feature in software feature, support the function of defending attacking and employing and filtering etc.. It is the advanced products in the broadband router of H3C Company, large-scale Internet cafe users and the large-scale enterprise Internet export the ideal choice of the apparatus.

H3C MSR 50 multi-service open router includes MSR 50-40 and MSR 50-60 two sections apparatus, the master control board that these two apparatuses offer two kinds of different characteristic engines erupts application simultaneously for the multi-service of meeting different performance requirementses. This product can offer high performance, multiple services integrated network scheme for large-scale affiliate, also can be regarded as the key network equipment of the large and medium-sized enterprise, the long haul network which finishes many kinds of flowrate such as the data, pronunciation, video is mutual. MSR50 designs to the safe data connection, adopts the Built-in: hardware encryption engine on CPU and mother board of the built-in hardware cryptographic function, improve the data encrypting characteristic of the products greatly, save the interface slot at the same time. MSR 50 has offered the strong and flexible VoIP solution while offering the high-quality data traffic to transmit, the customer can dispose SPC exchange, analog telephone and IP Phone in a flexible way for its affiliate on the single platform, reduce the network and transport and link the cost. In addition, MSR 50 router still offers the bilaminar data interchange function through integrated Ethernet switching module, have realized the genuine route exchanges the integrated solution.

Characteristic of the products

Advanced hardware system framework

MSR 50 serial routers fully consider the need of the integrated integrated service in hardware design, having adopted advanced N-Bus multi-master bus cipher scheme, pronunciation, data, exchanging, safe four major business, via different bus lines separately, run side by side by the specialized coprocessing engine and finished dealing with, dispel bus line and CPU characteristic bottleneck, have improved this serial router Integrated multi-service disposing and implementing abilities greatly. Satisfiable enterprise erupt the seamless of business simultaneously to integrate, merge perfectly with high quality while being many kinds of inside the network.


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